Still Life on the Border Between Actual and Virtual, 2016
100 x 120 x 80 inches
Portable DVD players w/out DVDs, shelf, power strip, cables, palm, milk crate


I was first attracted to the synchronized, polychromatic motion of the DVD logos while working on the 11-channel video installation ‘Singular Oscillations: Playback’. The DVD players on the plastic-laminate, Ikea shelf have a sterility about them which is offset by the wide palm. The volume and structure of the palm inspired the play with the power cords. In order to emphasize the fake wood of the Ikea shelf I cut the face of it to reveal the particle board beneath.

There is something simple here about life, motion, and pattern, both simulated and actual. The composition holds tension in its longing, expectant, loops.

The composition has a longing, expectant, waiting aspect to it, reminding me of Waiting for Godot.