Relay, Dish Plugs Seeking, 2018
12 x 8 x 6 feet
AquaResin, steel


The mobile is made up of cable and threaded rods suspending casts of the space held within a TV satellite dish. Stacked, these casts create a “plug” that would fill the maximal volume held by the dish. The weight of each plug is counterbalanced by the empty rod on the far side of its fulcrum. The rods angle to the sky, describing vectors as the plugs scan (a.k.a. “seek”) through space, never resting. The plugs suggest anchors for an infinite vector seeking through the sky. The subtle bend of the rods recall horizon lines and the incessant pull of gravity which binds us to this location.

The threaded rod and nuts allow the mobile to be “tuned” to different angles and configurations, much like a satellite dish.